Kyle Shanahan supports the quarterback that was chosen at the start of the offseason.

Trey Lance feels more comfortable with his experience this year and is ready to play.

Having been in camp before, he was unsure of what to expect.

This year, he has a better understanding of expectations and is confident.

"The biggest thing is mentally, because I just know what's going on," Lance said.

"Last year I knew what was going on, but this year I can actually pay attention

a lot more to defensive structures and all of that. Learning a whole lot too."

Lance said this is something that benefits the individual, because they can grow more as a player.

Lance said that his focus this season has been ways in which he can develop as a player.

He found he learned so much from the practices.

Lance said that he has seen Garoppolo in the building a few times this offseason,

and they're on good terms with each other despite fighting for the same position last year.