Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold are now battling for their team's QB1 job.

Mayfield took the first-team reps on Monday, with Darnold leading the first-team offense today.

"We appreciate coach Matt Rhule's honesty so far by

being forthright in how they'll handle the competition."

"All the management has been very transparent," Mayfield said, via the team's official website.

"They're telling us exactly how they're handling it.

It's not being said to one person, and Sam hears another thing;

it's right there in front of us and clear and concise."

"While it isn't a surprise that a decision on who will start hasn’t been made,

the longer there is a battle within camp, the better Mayfield will know the offense," said Rhule.

I am still learning the reads again and it will take time, but I know I can get better with more practice.

I can take my game to the next level this week by practicing more.