The Chicago Bears to join the alternate helmet craze with an orange design

The team unveiled a new alternate orange helmet that will be worn twice during the 2022 season.

They'll debut the orange helmet on Thursday Night Football game versus Washington Commanders in Week 6,

and they'll wear it again on the eve of Halloween against Dallas Cowboys in Week 8.

Bears Chairman George H. McCaskey said in a statement, "We're not looking to overhaul it."

He continued, "I'm very excited about this modification."

The new Bears helmet is orange and was inspired by the 's decals.

The uniform accompanying the new orange helmet is an alternate orange jersey and white pants,

which the Bears have worn in the recent past.

Chicago recently wore throwback uniforms honoring their 1936 team, but the new orange helmet breaks this tradition

The Bears, as well as many other NFL teams, have taken advantage of the alternate helmets available after the NFL revised its policy.

The new rule, in place since last season, rescinds the one-shell rule.

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