Josh Allen's first four years in the NFL can be described as 'development'

Although there are question marks about his play at Wyoming,

Allen has displayed improvement in each aspect of quarterbacking and is a complete player.

All great quarterbacks always have something to work on, and Allen is no exception.

Allen talked about topics he is developing, to improve in the offseason,

with Adam Schein on Sirius XM's Mad Dog Sports Radio.

"I think ball placement on some of our shorter throws, allowing our guys to catch and run,

eye placement in zone coverage, and identifying the right target on a given play,"

Allen said. "Coach McDermott does such a good job of teaching us situational football,

so I need to be on point and identify what's happening."

Great quarterbacks have always been aware of this and are constantly working to better themselves.

The sky is the limit for Allen, who has been on fire this postseason.