Seven days from now, the first Sunday of the NFL regular season will be underway.

On opening night, the Rams will play host to the Bills while they raise their Super Bowl banner.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen knows that playing the defending Super Bowl champions will be a unique experience.

He has spoken to several people who have played in the game and coached,

and their unified advice is to stay calm and understanding.

Josh Allen experienced heartbreak in the last game he played.

The Chiefs beat the Bills with a miraculous comeback at the end of that game.

In a game against the Tennessee Titans, QB Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs

on an amazing come-from-behind victory with only 13 seconds remaining.

They did so with three plays spanning nine yards, allowing for an attempted 49-yard field goal from Harrison Butker that tied the game.

In overtime, Kansas City won the toss and never had to attempt another play as Tennessee could not move the ball into scoring position.