Deshaun Watson is being charged with six games of suspension from the NFL.

The investigation by former U.S. District Judge Sue L. Robinson

was based on the violation of the country's personal-conduct policy.

A source told NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero that there will be no additional fine accompanying the suspension.

The NFL Players Association stated that it will not appeal the decision.

Rapoport reported that it is unclear if the league will appeal the decision.

It has three days to decide on its next move.

A decision about Robinson's ruling would probably be handled by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

This decision would then be final.

"The NFL is set up this way to avoid players being suspended for minor violations based on a lack of evidence."

In this particular case, the NFL had no choice but to continue going along with

with the six-game suspension because the evidence was found.

Pelissero said " if Goodell or his designee ends up increasing this discipline,

we will examine all options, including suing in federal court."