According to an NFL insider, Deshaun Watson's ruling from his 

disciplinary hearing is expected to come on Monday

After the hearing, Watson submitted post-briefs to the judge before the final ruling was expected.

The NFLPA released a statement in advance that it will stand by the decision, even if they overturn it.

What's the final ruling on Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson?

Prior to his court hearing, Watson agreed to undisclosed settlements 

with 20 of the 24 women who filed civil suits against him.

He denied the claims and there was no criminal indictment.

Watson played with the Houston Texans in 2020

and requested a trade before the season due to sexual misconduct allegations.

He then did not play in another NFL game since 2021.

The Browns traded for QB Deshaun Watson, and signed him to an $230 million contract.

Watson, who is also an NFL player, has been participating in team training camp since July 22

and will continue to do so until Robinson makes his decision.