The Tampa Bay Buccaneers don't seem like they're going to stop adding receivers.


They just received surprising news from the receiver's position.


Chris Godwin will not start training camp on the physically unable


to perform list with an ACL injury that happened in week 15.

Rather, he will be ready in time for the season

and no longer need to start training camp on the PUP list.

Godwin contributed significantly to Tampa Bay.


Godwin, Tampa Bay's second-year player, was given a franchise tag,


making him the only person in NFL history to receive it two years in a row.


In a span of one season, Penn State product has risen from an

unknown third-rounder to Tom Brady's number one target,

in order to maximize his total NFL career.

If Godwin is able to return, that would increase Brady's chances of winning the eighth ring.

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