Tom Brady has remained motivated despite his age- most likely because he can motivate himself.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is asking his teammates to keep motivation high

by feeding off all the negative questions about the team's line.

“The stuff they’re saying about you must be hard to hear,” Brady said.

“But I want you to know that this is what everyone else thinks about you as well.

What are you going to do?” he wanted them to know, in order to inspire them.

Brady's O-line was jumbled this offseason with the retirements of Ali Marpet,

Alex Cappa going to Cincinnati in free agency and Ryan Jensen getting injured during training camp.

TB12 is confident his new offensive line will be able to protect him

It is a difficult challenge to deal with injuries, Tom Brady. 

We lost Alex Cappa and Ali Marpet due to their respective injuries.

The team is also looking forward to the return of Shaq Mason who has a long history with this team.