Dallas Cowboys throwback uniforms and white helmets for the Thanksgiving Day game

The Dallas Cowboys will wear their throwback jerseys and white helmets when they take on the New York Giants during their game on Thanksgiving at AT&T Stadium.

Cowboys fans are happy for their team to wear a double-helmet. 

It was the NFL's safety protocol that abolished throwbacks from games, but even the NFL 

could not resist them since they approved rules to allow teams a second helmet.

The Dallas Cowboys love the throwback helmets and uniforms that were worn in the 1960s.

Tyron Smith, who has been a member of the Dallas Cowboys for only two years, is the only current player to have worn the throwback uniform.

The Cowboys have been sporting white helmets since 1960, they look and feel like a classic.

The Cowboys plan to wear four uniform combinations this season, including a throwback uniform.

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