DK Metcalf was able to let the cat out of the bag because

he bluffed his Seattle Seahawks teammates in negotiations.

Metcalf mentioned the "hold-in tactics" he used to try and come to an agreement, to general manager

Metcalf said, "I wasn't leaving, just to let you all know. I wanted to be here.

I wanted to play here and I'm glad that we got something done."

Recently, players have been using a technique known as the hold-in tactic 

where they report to camp but do not participate in any basketball activities until a deal has been made.

This is successful because it gives them leverage in negotiating

and at the same time preserves their energy.

The Seattle Seahawks and Metcalf came to an agreement on a three year,

$72 million extension with a signing bonus of $30 million.

The contract is worth $58 million in total, lasts until 2025 and will be paid out before Metcalf's birthday.

The Seahawks and Metcalf began negotiations at the NFL Scouting Combine in March.