Desmond Ridder, the Atlanta Falcons rookie quarterback, has been impressive

through two preseason games by showing off good accuracy and mobility.

Smith was visibly frustrated during Monday night's loss to the Jets.

Smith may be discouraged by some of the rookie's decisions

and the slew of team penalties they received.

Smith seems to be a tough coach when it comes to the rookie quarterback and he expects more out of him.

We have high expectations for Desmond, and will be hard on him to ensure he gets the most thorough coaching.

He made some good throws, but he'll need to clean up his mechanics a little before we throw him out onto the field.

Ridder had stellar accuracy with the football and led two successful field-goal drives.

He missed some of his throws and wound up with penalties when he was at quarterback.

The coach states that they hurt themselves because of penalties.

They started with (offensive) linemen and everyone else on the team. He noted that it should be easy to learn from these mistakes.