Jason Peters is waiting for an opportunity to keep playing at 40 years old. He's staying in shape and working out, just in case he gets the chance.

Peters said he understands that older player's sign later in the offseason, but he does have an idea of the type of teams he'd like to play for.

As Doug Peters mentioned in an interview with Pro Football Talk, he is looking for a strong offensive line.

Ideally, he would hope to get on a team with some veterans or another playoff contender.

"This is a great time for me because I can coach or listen to veterans and learn as well. Either way, it's good."

He said he will decide in the future, but reiterated that he wants a chance to "get one more run at it."

He was an undrafted free agent and was traded - in five seasons with Buffalo, he became a household name.

Peters won a Super Bowl ring, but he did not play due to injury last year.

At this time, it's unclear where Eli can go. The Indianapolis Colts may be one team that would put him on the roster.

He might have to wait for another team to experience an injury before he gets the call.

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