Wilson removed a multitude of social media apps from his phone to prepare for the upcoming football season.

When it comes to criticism, Zach Wilson found a way to deal with it.

Rather than painting over negative comments, he deleted social media apps

The 23-year-old said this week he removed all of those apps from his phone before training camp.

He started doing this back at BYU.

Wilson doesn't use social media that often, and he's working on the team.

Wilson uses a social media team to help handle his media image.

Sometimes they will send him things for approval,

but he is blissfully unaware of any speculation about his second year with Chicago.

His numbers were not as good as they should have been after his first season, so he will now work to recover.

He threw 2,334 yards and completed 55.6% of his passes, but also had a 9-11 TD-INT ratio.