A man from New Jersey was sentenced to three years in prison after posing as a former

New England player and scamming customers by selling fake Tom Brady rings.

Scott V. Spina Jr., a 25 year old from Roseland, was sentenced in Southern California’s Orange County.

In 2017, Pedro bought a Patriots' 2016 Super Bowl championship ring from an ex-Patriots player.

He paid the player with a bad check and then sold the ring for $63,000 to a broker of Super Bowl rings.

The Super Bowl rings are built for the players, but when Spina obtained the ring,

he had access to a cheaper version that could be shared with family and friends.

The U.S. Attorney’s office announced that it was important to disclose any information about such practices as this in this statement

Spina called the company that made rings, pretended to be a former player,

and ordered three rings with “Brady” engraved on them as gifts for Brady’s baby.

Tom Brady never authorized the rings. This is what the criminal complaint says.

Spina sold the rings for $81,500 to the same broker who bought the original ring, with the contention that Brady had gifted them to his nephews.

This agent later refused to close the deal and tried forfeiting it after claiming that he ‘no longer believes’ Brady has any nephews.

The same day the buyer tried to back out, Spina sold at auction for more than what he paid.  New Jersey man sells Tom Brady Super Bowl ring for $337,000