Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey "recovering hard" in Friday practice

As the Panthers need to be careful and cautious with their star player, they practice with scheduled breaks.

CMC is happy with the new approach and he hopes that it can help him avoid injury.

The player is recovering from two consecutive seasons plagued with injuries.

He stated, “I think those days off are important.

ou have to take care of yourself on those days off and do a lot for the next day.

You’re not getting any better without taking care of yourself."

After starting his career with 48 games straight, McCaffrey had two injury-plagued seasons.

This was largely due to a foot injury in November 2018 and an ankle injury in December 2019.

One of McCaffrey's injuries was to his ankle. As a result, he played in only seven games this season.

"I feel great. One day at a time for us," McCaffrey said as he navigated through his clichés.

"We work hard, we recover hard, and meet hard," said McCaffrey,