Matthew Stafford resumed training camp after having not thrown during spring workouts.

The Los Angeles Rams will restrict his minutes leading up to the regular season.

Sean McVay said "Stafford is still dealing with discomfort, so we scaled back their workload."

The quarterback had been playing in a team setting

but is still feeling some pain and the coach had taken other measures.

The Rams' starting quarterback will require an anti-inflammatory shot because he has some discomfort in his elbow.

They want to ensure that this doesn't get worse, so they're resting him.

Concerned that they would push their quarterback in the important game on Sept. 8,

McVay dealt with the situation to make sure he would stay healthy and successful for the game.

The Rams want Stafford to be healed for Week 1.

However, the team can’t afford the injury to suddenly come back to damage his arm later in the season.

The Rams need Stafford’s mental toughness and his arm works really well when he's healthy.