Matthew Stafford, the Rams QB, says that his elbow injury is "just a little soreness,"

and wants the media and fans to just watch him throw.

"I made so many big throws today," Stafford said, "and I think ...

we just took chances with some of the throws that we wanted to take.

Stafford is still battling the residual pain of a lingering elbow injury and his effectiveness is still in question.

“We’re not worried at all” McVay said. “Matt threw the ball well in practice today and again,

you watch him throw and it’s awesome.”

McVay said, "We're very much on track with what we had hoped and I think you could really see.

The ball was jumping out of his hand and making all sorts of throws."

Stafford was trying to downplay the issue on Saturday and he may have bad arm tendinitis.

The Rams are looking out for Stafford's long-term health,

because any issue with a throwing arm is concerning for them.