As we gear up for the first week of the 2022 NFL season, talks with Lamar Jackson's agent are due soon.

Coach Harbaugh says there's no update on Jackson's contract, but he isn't distracted by it.

Harbaugh stated that he is focused on football,

and has not had any conversations about anything outside of the sport.

"I set this week as the cutoff point for contract talks, he said...

With preparation for Week 1 already underway, the deadline could have easily been last week."

The star quarterback, who insisted he will not let a contract negotiation affect his game,

was asked by Harbaugh if there has ever been any discussion of him holding out.

When asked if Reuben Foster was traded, Harbaugh responded "No."

Harbaugh believes Foster is 'focused on the season and fully committed to having his best year possible',

while they are hopeful to get him a new contract.

At this stage, it appears as if Jackson is comfortable playing under the last year of his rookie contract

and then renegotiating with us when the offseason starts.