The quarterback, Jameis Winston, has not played in the preseason due to a right foot sprain.

Last week, he participated fully in practice and said that the injury is getting better every day.

Winston has been practicing more this week and is confident

he will be able to perform at a championship level.

The only thing holding him back is his lack of mobility.

If Chris Winston Jr. needs to practice a difficult technique, he will find the time to do so.

Days earlier, Winston Jr. was diagnosed with a bruised muscle in his thigh

and had to miss a game because of it, but next time he practices,

he’ll focus on his ability to move like he's never been hurt before.

Winston was injured and the injury is not that serious.

Winston explained that the Saints were limiting his reps mostly out of an abundance of caution,

as they didn't want to cause additional problems because he was trying to play through the pain.