Mike Tomlin won't publicly say who the starting quarterback for the Steelers is, but that's the information he has.

Rookie, Kenny Pickett doesn’t know if he will be playing or Mitchell Trubisky in the Week 1 Cincinnati Bengals.

However, he isn’t worried about it at this point.

He said, "I am just focused on getting better."  As a result of learning more,

He is able to create his own game plan going into the next football game.

Learning so much has helped him grow and adjust to many things.

People think that Trubisky will start this upcoming football season.

Pickett has done well in the preseason, but likely not good enough to surpass Trubisky just yet.

The rookie is simply focusing on having a positive day whether he's named the starter or not.

Pickett said, "I've seen a lot of progress throughout offseason practices and preseason games.

I want to keep building on that for the whole season."