The attention of social media was focused on the signing of Julio Jones,

but it is really the other former Falcon who is generating some buzz.

Todd Bowles on how Russell Gage is impressing him

"Although Gage has really been the one to stand out, I can tell the receivers are doing well.

I don't think we've managed to cover him yet."

Darius Gage signed a 3-year contract for $30 million with the Buccaneers and participated in the offseason workouts.

However, a few days after signing the contract, he became injured.

As of this moment though, he says he started running in training camp.

Gage believes that the best way to learn about his new quarterback,

Tom Brady, is to play with him and experience what he expects.

Gage has already learned a lot from observing Brady's playing style and learning from teammates.

Gage, who stood out at the start of camp, will be interesting to see how Tampa deploy their wide receiver weapons.

Bowles discuss the Bucs crowded wide receiver room.