FIFA World Cup qualifiers schedule for march 2022: date, time, venue

Schedule: In less than a year, the FIFA World Cup qualifiers will commence for teams looking to compete in the prestigious tournament set to take place in Qatar in 2022.

Although the FIFA World Cup is still more than 6 months away, the qualifiers will help to determine which teams have what it takes to make it to the final stages.

A full list of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers scheduled for march 2022 matches is available now, so fans can start planning their viewing parties.

The FIFA World Cup is the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world, and the qualifiers are sure to generate a lot of excitement.

The first matches will take place in September of 2020, with the final rounds scheduled for June of 2022.

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In order to ensure that all teams have a fair chance at qualifying, FIFA has implemented a new system for the 2022 World Cup. This system will use a combination of ranking points and regional coefficients to determine which teams make it to the final tournament.

This new system has caused a lot of confusion among fans, but the FIFA World Cup qualifiers scheduled for march 2022 matches are now available.

This schedule will help to clear up any confusion and allow fans to follow their favorite teams’ progress. The FIFA World Cup qualifiers schedule is as follows:

Note: FIFA World Cup qualifiers scheduled for march 2022 time are local.


AFC Third Round

24 March 2022

South Korea vs Iran (20:00, Seoul)

Iraq vs UAE (20:00, Riyadh Saudi Arabia)

Lebanon vs Syria (14:00, Sidon)

Australia vs Japan (20:10, Sydney)

China PR vs Saudi Arabia (19:00, Sharjah UAE)

Vietnam vs Oman (19:00 Hanoi)

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29 March 2022

Japan vs Vietnam (19:35, Saitama)

Saudi Arabia vs Australia (21:00, Jeddah)

Oman vs China PR (20:00, Muscat)

Iran vs Lebanon (16:00, Mashhad)

UAE vs South Korea (17:45, Dubai)

Syria vs Iraq (20:00, Dubai UAE)

CAF Third Round

25 March 2022

Egypt vs Senegal (21:30, Cairo)

Cameroon vs Algeria (18:00, Douala)

Ghana vs Nigeria (19:30, Cape Coast)

DR Congo vs Morocco (16:00, Kinshasa)

Mali vs Tunisia (17:00, Bamako)

29 March 2022

Senegal vs Egypt (17:00, Dakar)

Algeria vs Cameroon (20:30, Blida)

Nigeria vs Ghana (18:00, Abuja

Morocco vs DR Congo (20:30, Casablanca)

Tunisia vs Mali (20:30, Tunis)

CONCACAF Third Round – Matchday 12, 13, 14

24 March 2022

Jamaica vs El Salvador (19:00, Kingston)

Panama vs Honduras (20:05, Panama City)

Mexico vs United States (20:00, Mexico City)

Costa Rica vs Canada (20:05, San Jose)

27 March 2022

Canada vs Jamaica (16:05, Toronto)

El Salvador vs Costa Rica (15:05, San Salvador)

United States vs Panama (19:00, Orlando)

Honduras vs Mexico (17:05, San Pedro Sula)

30 March 2022

Panama vs Canada (20:05, Panama City)

Jamaica vs Honduras (20:05, Kingston)

Mexico vs El Salvador (19:05, Mexico City)

Costa Rica vs United States (19:05, San Jose)

CONMEBOL – Matchday 17,18

24 March 2022

Uruguay vs Peru (20:30, Montevideo)

Colombia vs Bolivia (18:30, Barranquilla)

Brazil vs Chile (20:30, Rio de Janeiro)

Paraguay vs Ecuador (20:30, Ciudad del Este)

25 March 2022

Argentina vs Venezuela (20:30, Buenos Aires)

29 March 2022

Peru vs Paraguay (18:30, Lima)

Venezuela vs Colombia (19:30, Ciudad Guayana)

Bolivia vs Brazil (19:30, La Paz)

Chile vs Uruguay (20:30, Uruguay)

Ecuador vs Argentina (18:30, Guayaquil)


24 March 2022

Solomon Islands vs Tahiti (17:00, Doha)

New Zealand vs New Caledonia (20:00, Doha)

Fiji vs PNG (20:00, Doha)

UEFA Second Round

Path A

Scotland vs Ukraine (June 2022, Glasgow) Semi-final 1

Wales vs Austria (20:45, Cardiff, 24 March 2022) Semi-final 2

Winner semi-final 1 vs Winner semi-final 2 (June 2022) Final

Path B

Walkover for Poland: Russia vs Poland (24 March 2022, Moscow)

Sweden vs Czech Republic (20:45, Solna, 24 March 2022) Semi-final 4

Poland vs Winner semi-final 4 (20:45, Chorzow) Final

Path C

24 March 2022

Italy vs North Macedonia (20:45, Palermo) Semi-final 5

Portugal vs Turkey (20:45, Porto) Semi-final 6

29 March 2022

Winner semi-final5 vs Winner semi-final 6 (20:45) Final

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