UEFA Nations League 2022/23 Draw Live: How to Watch & Everything

The Nations League 2022/23 draw is set to take place on Thursday, December 16th in Nyon at 18:00 CET on 16 December 2021. The event will be streamed live on UEFA’s official website and live updates of drawing are available here with a live blog.

The Nations League is a new UEFA tournament that was created in 2018. It is a competition between the 55 member associations of UEFA. Nations League is a secondary tournament to the Nations League Finals, a four-round competition between the winners of each Nations League division from League A to qualify to the finals stage. The Nations League finals will be held in June 2023 and it will feature an opening match, semi-finals, and the final.


Live Updates

How to watch Nations League 2022/23 draw

UEFA Nations League 2022/23 Draw will be streamed live on UEFA’s official website here.

Live updates of the Nations League 2022/23 draw are available with a Live Blog above.

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Nations League Pots

The Nations League 2022/23 draw is expected to be held at the Ballroom des Nations and the seeding pots will be formed according to Nations League Qualifying results, Nations League Finals performances, and Nations Cup participation. The format of the competition is a 4-division league.

League A

Pot1: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium.

Pot 2: Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany.

Pot3: England, Poland, Switzerland, Croatia.

Pot4: Wales, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary.

League B

Pot 1: Ukraine, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland.

Pot 2: Finland, Norway, Scotland, Russia.

Pot 3: Israel, Romania, Serbia, Ireland.

Pot 4: Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, and Armenia.

League C

Pot 1: Turkey, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Northern Ireland.

Pot 2: Greece, Belarus, Luxembourg, North Macedonia.

Pot 3: Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo.

Pot 4: (2 play-out winners TBC in March 2022), Gibraltar, Faroe Islands.

League D

Seven teams split into two groups:

(2 play-out losers), Liechtenstein, Malta, Latvia, San Marino, Andorra.

UEFA Nations League 2022/23 Schedule

The Nations League is coming to a close, with the final four teams set to battle it out in June for the title. The group stage will take place in June and September of 2022, with the four group winners in League A progressing to the finals. The group winners from the other three leagues will be promoted for the 2024/25 season. Teams finishing fourth in the groups in Leagues A and B will be relegated.

Matchdays 1 & 2: 2-8 June 2022

Matchdays 3 & 4: 8-14 June 2022

Matchdays 5 & 6: 22-27 September 2022

Semi-finals: 14 & 15 June 2023

Final & third-place match: 18 June 2023

Play-outs for Euro 2024: 21-23 & 24-26 March 2024

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